Expat, are you feeling lost and disconnected
from the world?

Join our community of expats and breath mindfully in 8 weeks

Do you feel...

  • are you disconnected from your family, your friends or yourself?
  • are you lacking fulfillment or purpose?
  • are your joyful moments becoming less and less?

We created 2MINDFUL EXPATS just for you

How was the 2 Mindful Expats Program born?

Hola! We are Nuño and Miriam, we have travelled the world for over 15 years: Italy, India, Cape Verde… and South Africa. Each one of us had different stories about movings and various cities.

In the middle of March 2020, we entered lockdown and found ourselves physically isolated and far away from our families in Spain. We decided to organise a mindfulness course online, with the aim to create a community that could hold the space for expats like us. We kept connected and breathed mindfully for several weeks. The experience was so transformational and powerful that we decided to unite forces and create the 2MINDFUL EXPATS Program.

I am Miriam Iparraguirre, I left Spain in 2003. I started meditating 4 years ago and it changed my life! I am a mother of two wonderful boys. My passion is to connect people through events (private or corporate), and now also online.

In 2Mindful Expats I develope my ability of building community with a smile and connecting with people like you. Expat women, as you, that can feel joy and fulfillment in your daily life.

I am Nuño Aguirre, my journey into meditation and mindfulness started when I was 19 years old. I left Spain in 2003 and since then I became a father and teacher of various Universities online. In 2Mindful Expats I develop my passion of accompanying people on their meditation journey. I know mindfulness helps you to see life from a different perspective, feel more calm, find your own wisdom.

Do you want to connect and breath mindfully?


What do the participants say:

This Course is for you if...

  • You are an expat
  • You want to connect deeply with yourself, your family and your friends
  • You are feeling disconnected from the person you were before
  • You want to be part of a community of like-minded ladies
  • You want more joy in your daily life

Good news! You can start today enjoying more your life with mindfulness.
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We participated in

2Mindful Expats Program Is The Mindfulness Method For Expats And Global Citizens.

It Is Being Here And Now, Whatever Your Circumstances Are In This Moment Of Your Life.

2Mindful Expats Is Flexibility Of Time And Space, Like The Bamboo That Grows Everywhere
And Can Bend With The Wind. It Is Adaptability, Enjoyment, Care, Love And Fun.

Bring Joy And Purpose Into Your Life With 2 Mindful Expats.


One 120 min weekly zoom meeting with Facilitators and Community

Tailor-made videos for the program

Weekly email with instructions, video and mindfulness practice to follow

Cloud with meditation & Community support

Possibility of discounted rates for our private premium sessions 1-1

Download and print the complete 2Mindful Expats Program (PDF)

Do you want to connect and breath mindfully?

We accept 20 participants maximum per course.
The next one is starting on 14th October.


What will happen once you press the button “Yes, I want”:

1. Fill in your details in the form.

I will be able to know you better before our conversation

2. I will call you and we will be able to discuss your participation

on 2 Mindful Expats Program

3. If selected, book your space and start to experience the

difference in your life

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, we start from the foundation of meditation. So, if it is your first time,
you are welcome to learn a new discipline.
If you are not a first timer, but you tried before and didn’t manage to
have a routine. Don’t worry, this is one of the reasons why the course
is 8 weeks long  and it is supported by a community.
Even if you have certain experience with meditation, you will certainly
benefit from this course. We systematically cover the foundations of
mindfulness practice, so will certainly learn a lot.
A beginners mind is always the right mind to approach meditation.

You will be able to access the online section (recordings and guided
meditations) of the course for one year.
One of our goals is to help you to keep a discipline on your meditation,
and we know it is not easy at the beginning. So, in case you need to
refocus, you will be able to watch again the videos and recommit to
your practice.

We created 2 Mindful Expats with a global community in mind.
However, in a larger sense, we are all global citizens, so if the
content you see here appeals to you, you are welcome to join.
We encourage everybody to integrate Mindfulness practices into
their lives, and we love to meet people from all over the world,
also when they plan to stay in their own country.

2Mindful Expats program is focused on a community of expats, with a
focus on people who are eager to develop an individual mindfulness
This means meditation and other practices related with awareness.
Maybe you are already a meditator, but would like to introduce some
mindfulness tips on your daily routine.

Presence is focused on an individual practice, for people that would
like to go further on their established meditation practice.

Although Mindfulness practice stems from a Buddhist context, in this
contest it is offered in a secular, non-sectarian way.
In its simplest form, it’s about presence, breath, here-and-now. And
these are universal qualities that apply to all individuals.
In that sense, it is perfectly compatible with any religion or lack of
religion, and also with your own beliefs.